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About us


NleashD was founded in 2018, based on the simple premise that people have more confidence when doing their workouts or activities with the right, trendy outfit. They are more likely to be motivated for it as they want to be the fulfilled person they dream of becoming. Our mission is to give you the opportunity to buy delicate products at an affordable price. We sincerely believe that shopping with NleashD will bring you happiness each time.


We have worked hard to select the best of Sportswear and Activewear products for the lifestyle that is unique to you. 
Our products are selected with thought to their purpose and are made carefully. They require skill and knowledge from the designer and the maker, they have a style, they present your personality, show your dedication to your active lifestyle or support a cause. Almost all have a story to tell.


  • Oussama Abdelmoumen
    Managing Director, Founder